Easter Sunday at Al Mamzar Beach

The Lord has risen!! Belated Happy Easter to you all.

So finally…

After more than 3 years of working in Dubai, it was my very first time to swim at the famous Al Mamzar Beach.

It wasn’t a planned outing (well, sort of). We planned on going to Al Mamzar the week after to swim, go on a picnic, bond and enjoy, however, since we have a cool Boss and he allowed all Christian staff to go on a half day to celebrate and commemorate this day (little did we know that if we only asked for a holiday a week before, then he could have given us the entire day off), we just decided to go to Al Mamzar that day after work (we went home first to get our things and buy food).

A quick phone call asking for permission to hubby after, then we’re off to the beach…


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 22.04.37 (1)

Groupie in the taxi (someone’s a bit irate because she didn’t see us waiting for her at the lobby)


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 22.04.37

Obligatory Groupie since we just arrived at the beach!!! 🙂


You only need to pay 5 AED for the entrance fee if you’d like to swim in the private part of the beach, but there’s an area on the other side that is open to the public for free (I really don’t know the difference because we all decided to swim and enjoy in the private area since it doesn’t really cost that much).


You may ask, who am I with? well, Let me introduce them to you.

mam main

Ann, Me, Junzen, Jenny, and Aireen (from left to right)

Ann: The “sweet as candy” and oh so innocent and kind lady.

Junzen: Mr. Carlos’ better half, the best sister Zen Zen is so blessed to have (aka the one and only tisay of ligtong).

Jenny: The eldest (by age) but youngest at heart and a loving mother of 2 smart kids.

Aireen: The tough on the outside soft and nice on the inside and soon to be Mrs. Asilo


Proof that we really had fun below:

Pictorial before swimming…


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 17.35.10WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 17.35.21

See the pictures above? That’s when all four of them decided to swim farther away from the shore and me telling them not to because I’m scared of swimming in deep water… tsk.tsk



This may be before or after we ate and gave Ann our unsolicited pieces of advice about her love life. I won’t go into details since we weren’t really able to grill her into telling us about his beau, she just kept mum and just smiled at us when we ask her about him :(.


We’d love to stay in the water and swim some more but the guards already asked us to leave since it’s almost 7 pm and since some of us still need to go to church to attend mass, we went out of the water, took a shower, changed and left.


Goodbye, for now, Al Mamzar Beach… we shall return.


We weren’t really able to take a lot of pictures of the view on the beach since we were really busy taking a lot of pictures of US.

We didn’t just enjoy at the beach, we were also able to bond and had fun. It was a well-spent half of a holiday indeed.


**Special Thanks to Aireen(our official photographer of the day)


#Dgroup: Friends that last more than a lifetime

Who doesn’t have at least one friend right?

Being an introvert myself, it takes a long time before I warm up to a person, though, in some rare cases, there are a few who I surprisingly felt comfortable with in an instant (I honestly think they’re my soul sisters). It’s also not in my personality to approach someone first, It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, it’s just that I don’t want to disturb or bother them in any way and I’d thought maybe they’re not in the mood to talk, but people oftentimes mistook it as me being a “snob”, not true though –I usually talk and jokes around a lot when I’m with friends.

But surprisingly, I’m changing (Mike can attest to this). I am more outspoken now, I can now reach out to people (first), I am “blogging” without being anonymous (w/c I tried a few years ago which didn’t end up well), I opened up about that “something” (I believe this has a lot to do why I behave this way) that had been bothering me most of my life and which I tried to deny to the best of my ability. I can now forgive and say sorry even if that person didn’t even ask for it nor showed remorse and lastly, I can now tell the person that he/she said something that bothered me which I don’t usually do before to avoid starting a fight or any misunderstandings. And I owe those changes to the Lord who led me to His people that I became friends with here in Dubai. I still have those moments when I’m too shy to do some things and moments when I just want to be left alone to think and be my usual self but I refuse to focus on that anymore because I know that slowly but surely God will finish what He started in me.

Going back around 3 yrs ago, when Mike was just new here and was just starting at his job, we fight almost every day about the littlest things, where just by merely looking at each other can start a fight… and I never backed down on those fights. Part of the reason was because we are so stressed out at work that we unknowingly vent out all those frustrations on each other. It got so ugly that we both agreed on going our separate ways (Our families in the Philippines will never know anyway). I remember him telling me that if he only knew it will turn out this way then he should have never agreed on joining me here in Dubai and that’s when I realized that there’s something really wrong with me, with us, and that our relationship is not healthy anymore. I remembered praying… really hard about our relationship, about our hearts.

Then, a friend of Mike (now Kael’s Godfather) sent him a message on FB about this church where we used to attend back in the Philippines and which we were also looking for at that time. (What a coincidence right?… I don’t think so, you see the grace of God is like that, He will keep on knocking until you realize that apart from Him, you are nothing) I remember texting one of the contact persons (Kuya Mark) if it’s the same church and when and where the service is, aside from providing me the details for the service he also asked me if we’ll be interested in joining a Dgroup and the rest is history.


Kuya Bong became our Dgroup leader where we meet every Sunday to study His word and how to apply it in our daily lives. We were able to know each other’s stories and struggles, we were each other’s support group. Then, the Church decided to separate the singles to the couples as each of us has our own issues and struggles that need to be addressed. We were able to know more people who are just like us, struggling with their relationships, who each has their own challenges.

But what really got me intrigued about Dgroups, are their smiles – those sincere, joyful, welcoming smiles – those smiles that says welcome to the group, we were once like you, we know what you’re going through and we’re here to listen to and help you, but I bet those people weren’t even aware that those smiles made a difference – at least for me.

I remember thinking if they’re real or if they even have problems – you know, “problems” that real people have. Then they started sharing and I started listening only to find out, that those things that kept me up at night, my so called “issues”… are nothing compared to what they’re going or went through. I learned that they don’t let their circumstances/situations define them or The One they represent, rather, The One they represent defines who they are and how they handle their circumstances.

Joining a Dgroup didn’t just saved our relationship, it also saved both of us in the process. We were able to address the root cause of our “problems” (pride) and started working on not just rekindling our relationship but also rebuilding his fellowship with the Lord and me establishing a relationship with Him.

This journey is far from over, but it’s nice to know that there are people who will be with you, will pray for you and God purposely put in your life to guide you and assist you every step of the way.

Maybe you’re just like us, or you’re just like me, wanting to save your relationship and save both of you in the process, or maybe you feel lonely… empty, there’s that something in you that no material things or no one else can fill, or maybe, you just want someone to talk to or you just like to listen, maybe you’re also intrigued by those smiles and you want to know what or who is behind it. Whatever that “maybe” is, I encourage you to join a Dgroup and maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for and gain a friend or two that will last more than a lifetime.


I’d like to say thank you. Thank you to those people who welcomed us with your smile. Than you for making a difference in our lives.

#RelationshipGoals: Following God’s Design for Marriage


Marriage is defined as “the relationship between a husband and a wife”, but do you know that the secret to having a successful marriage is to follow His design for it?

I’m not an expert in marriage and I won’t claim to be one. ‘Coz although I’m married to a wonderful man for 8 years, I still have a LOT to learn. Fortunately, our church held seminars about how vital our roles as husbands and wives are in a marriage, we also have a Dgroup (more of this later) wherein married couples meet once a week to study His word and share our struggles and accomplishments as husbands and wives.

Two of the people who greatly impacted our married life is our Dgroup leaders Kuya Leslie and Ate Ella (The Edric and Joy Mendoza of Dubai) and I’m honored that they allowed me to feature them on my blog.

This is their story of love and real life struggles following God’s design in their marriage in the northern part of the emirates.

Years Married: 6

No. of kids: 2 and another 1 on the way

Leslie Tarun, a marine engineer, a former seaman and now an Operations Manager in a shipping company and Joela Tarun, a former financial analyst in a multinational company and now a happy housewife and a mother met, fell in love and got married in the Philippines.

Soon after their wedding in 2011, Ate Ella went back to Dubai for work and Kuya Leslie continued with his job as a seaman. This “unusual marriage set up” lasted for about a year. Then in 2012, after praying unceasingly & with the advice and help of Godly counselors (Kuya Bong, Ate Olive et al). Kuya Leslie joined Ate Ella, who’s 6 mos pregnant with their 1st child (Nathan) at that time.

The principle of God’s design for marriage

Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Being at the top of his career and having the means to provide for his family a comfortable life, coming to Dubai was one of the hardest decision Kuya Leslie has to make if they are to follow God’s design for their marriage.

A leap of faith as it may seem, not knowing what’s waiting for him in Dubai nor if he’ll be able to provide for his growing family, the only thing they can hold on to is God’s promise and His presence in their lives.

Kuya Leslie: I used to be a happy go lucky guy, I was the typical seaman who drinks a lot with my friends everytime I go home after a contract, but all of that changed when I met Joela. She gave me a heads up that she would not marry a man whose faith is different from hers,  and so I convinced her that faith is not an issue for me just so I can win her.  She invited me to attend CCF Service which I liked and encouraged me to join a Dgroup, where I just remained quiet, I didn’t share my life with them and just listened to them. Eventually, God changed my heart when I felt the love and care of my Dgroup leader. I began to open my life to them and became excited and interested in bible studies and attending church services. This was the start of my journey with the Lord. My faith was tested when I decided to join my wife in Dubai (after more than a year of being apart as husband and wife). I was jobless for 4 months, I received offers but they were way below my expectations and could not support a family in Dubai. At the same time, a shipping company in Manila kept on calling me to ask if I still want to work for them. I remember asking God for direction. Just about the time when we decided that I would go home, a shipping company based in Dubai contacted me for a job offer. Truly God wants the husband and wife to be together.

The will of God will never take you, where the grace of God cannot keep you.

Ate Ella: Working as a Financial Analyst in a multinational company is financially rewarding and so giving up my job was not an option for me, more so because my husband needed my help to provide for the family. I was earning way above what my husband was earning at that time. This went on for about 3 years until Leslie and I realized that it was damaging our relationship. First, I was too busy that I did not have quality time with my family. I was enslaved by my work and spent most of my time in the office. It was spiritually, emotionally and physically exhausting. I believe that this was the Lord’s way for me to realize that my priorities were not right (it should be God first then my husband, our kids, work, and ministry). Secondly, we knew in our hearts that the husband should be the leader of the family and this includes leadership in the area of finances. It was obvious to us that we were not embracing our God-given roles as husband and wife. Leslie and I prayed that the Lord will align our roles according to His design. God answered our prayer. Leslie got a raise twice within a period of six months, enough to provide for our living expense. Then Leslie allowed me to resign, from that time on, we experienced God’s presence in our lives more than ever. He never failed to provide for us. Yes, we needed to dramatically adjust our lifestyle but God took care of our needs. We released our maid, down-graded our car and became more conscious in our spending decisions. Although we still struggle with our finances, the Lord is true to His promise, God is amazing and we continue to experience His goodness.

What is God’s design for marriage?

Kuya Leslie: For me, God designed marriage for His glory and pleasure and once we realize that, we stop idolizing our own marriage. My wife shouldn’t replace God in my life. A joyful or a happy marriage is the result of serving God and not the other way around. His design is like a triangle with God at the center – the more we pursue Him, the closer we become with each other and the more we pursue each other the farther we are away from Him.


Ate Ella: God designed marriage to demonstrate His love for us.  Jesus described the church as His bride and Him as the husband. In Ephesians 5:25, it says Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, and Ephesians 5:24, it says Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

Why is it very important that we understand God’s design for marriage? 

“We cannot enjoy God’s fullness without following his design.” – Kuya Leslie

“Since God already designed marriage for us then we should STOP designing our own marriages.” – Kuya Leslie

Kuya Leslie: It’s vital because we cannot enjoy the very marriage God designed if we don’t follow it. God is the manual or the designer, so we should do things according to His boundaries and limitations so we can enjoy marriage.  I enjoy my marriage because of these boundaries that God has set in His Word, these are not “killjoy” nor “corny”. If we go beyond these boundaries, it surely will destroy our marriage. Worst of all, the impact is generational. As per the statistics, 70% of broken families also end up the same. I am not implying that if you come from a broken family, your marriage will surely fail. God can change this cycle if we surrender our lives to Jesus and let Him lead our marriage. Since God already designed marriage for us, we should STOP designing our own marriages. Do not let your marriages run on autopilot coz it’s not going to work, always refer to your manual.

“Marriage is a gift from God and every gift from Him is good therefore marriage is a good thing.” – Ate Ella

Ate Ella: Marriage is a gift from God and every gift from Him is good. Therefore marriage is a good thing and if it’s a good thing, it’s meant to be enjoyed. Some may argue since the reality is that not all of us enjoy our marriages. I believe that the secret to enjoy our marriage is to follow God’s design for it. Since the context of marriage is Christ’s love for the church, the husband ought to love the wife as Christ loved the church. The love that Jesus has for the church is the sacrificial type of love (agape), not the romantic type of love that is only based on emotions.

What are our God-given roles in marriage? 

Kuya Leslie: In order for us to understand our roles in marriage, we need to know our greatest need first. A woman’s greatest need is LOVE and a man’s greatest need is RESPECT. If my greatest need is respect, then my role is to LEAD my wife – in the context of SERVANT LEADERSHIP. 1 Peter 3:7 says Husbands, in the same way, be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life. Men aspire authority and respect and this can only be possible if we practice servant leadership. My role is to be the SERVANT LEADER, PROVIDER and LOVER.

Ate Ella: The role of the wife is to be a HELPMATE to her husband, in other words, a counterpart. In Genesis 2:18, The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”. A helper as defined in the bible is someone who completes the husband, someone who is suitable for him. And the other role of a wife is to submit to the authority of the husband as unto the Lord. In Ephesians 5:22, it says Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. This means to submit willingly and joyfully all the days of our lives. Proverbs 31:12 says “She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” Admittedly, submission is difficult, hence we need to depend on God to embrace this role.

Kuya Leslie on Leadership:

Quoting US President Harry Truman, husbands should have this mindset: “The buck stops here”. This means I’ll take responsibility for every decision or everything that happens in this house, whether good or bad and regardless of whose fault it was. Even the spiritual growth of my spouse is my responsibility and I will be accountable to it before God.

Practical Tips on Leadership

  • Align yourself with God – Develop an intimate relationship with God
  • Pass Godly heritage – As a leader, we should focus on passing Godly heritage to our children, it’s simply finding our purpose why we are here on earth
  • Model it – Joshua 24:15 …”As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” it should start with you first.

As a leader, I pray for my family every day.


Ate Ella on Submission: 

This is very difficult to apply and I’m sure all wives can relate to this. It’s easier for wives to submit if they feel loved by their husbands. However, submission is unconditional, it doesn’t depend on our mood.

Practical Tips on Submission

  • Connect to God – always depend on God and not on yourself because if you do, you will surely get frustrated. Remind yourself that this is what Lord tells you to do, this is your role. God promises to bless us and even protect us if we submit to the authority of our husband.
  •  Proper mindset – Choose to believe that your husband decides for your interest because he loves you, even if don’t feel like it. If you believe that your husband is about to make a wrong decision, pray that the Lord will enlighten his heart and mind to make the right decision and try to make an appeal in a respectful manner, not in an insulting way and not repeatedly insinuating your views (they hate nagging). Since he is the leader of the family, He is accountable to the Lord for every decision that he makes.

Advice to all married couples, newly weds and those planning to get married.

Kuya Leslie

Direction determines destination. This is applicable to all life stages. Start a relationship with God by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. If you already have, then continue pursuing your relationship with the Lord. Know your Master, always go back to who designed marriage and abide in God’s law and design.

Ate Ella

Settle your priorities before you get married.

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Kids
  4. Work
  5. Ministry/ Friends

and Follow God’s design for your marriage.

Following God’s will, most of the time is difficult, it doesn’t always feel good, it’s inconvenient but one thing is for sure, following it is for our own good because like what Kuya Leslie said, you won’t experience God’s goodness without following Him and not because everyone else is doing it makes it right. So, I hope you were blessed by their story as much as we do because their life story is our #RelationshipGoals.

OFW Guide: Look or search for a job in Dubai on a tourist or visit visa – part 2


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-31 at 20.02.29


Did you find the first part of my blog helpful? If you haven’t able to read it yet here’s the link for you:


Once you decided to come here to work and had your relative or friend sponsor you, then the next thing you need to focus on is finding a job that is most suitable to you.

A word of advice, aside from making sure you have enough money to cover your expenses, you also have to make sure that you’ll bring a lot of patience with you coz once frustration hits you, all your efforts, money included might just be wasted.

But do not fret, Kabayans all around the globe are always ready to help. Below are the list of facebook pages, youtube videos, and online job search engines that helped me, my husband, my brother in law and a lot of our fellow kabayans during our job hunt, as an added bonus you might also gain friends who are in the same situation as yours.


Facebook pages

I have great respect to the admins of these pages who selflessly (without expecting anything in return) devote their time (they’re busy working too, you know) managing posts, inquiries, and invitation requests, not to mention handling unruly or pasaway members of the group. They are also doing this for free, how great is that right?

They exemplify the modern version of our well-known value Bayanihan.


-About page

This group is made for all related works, part time searching. As long as we can help our country men.No SCAM, SEX SCANDAL post on this group, give each others post respect. Ask an approval first before you post.No foul comments.


-Their about page is quite long but I suggest you read it first so you can familiarize yourself with their rules.


-About page

This is an Online Community strictly for Filipinos. Connect with us for job placement opportunities in the U.A.E. & other GCC Countries.


Youtube videos

Almost all videos that I watched and asked my husband and brother in law to watch are from his channel. He’s our very own kabayan who, like the admins of the pages above, selflessly  (without expecting anything in return) devote his time to making youtube videos to help our fellow Filipinos to have a glimpse of what OFW life is in Dubai. He is also friendly and still is the humble and jolly Junie Sorsano I’ve talked to in skype a few years ago even though he ranked 95 of the most influential Filipinos in the UAE.

He also sometimes posts job hiring ads on his FB page. And oh, he replies to FB messages too.

Buhay sa Dubai Channel by Junie Sorsano


Online Job search engines

Most kabayans apply online using the below sites:


**Our company uses this as dubizzle charges a fee for companies to post a job ad.



**my husband found his current job from this site.


I hope that it will help you on your journey of finding a job here in Dubai and remember to pay it forward just like what the admins of the pages and videos above did since they all know and had been in your situation too.
Finally, do not forget to PRAY since you cannot control how and when you will get the job you’re longing for.

‘Til next time…


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OFW Guide: Look or Search for a job in Dubai on a tourist or visit visa

OFW Guide: Look or Search for a job in Dubai on a tourist or visit visa



Do you know that there’s around 680,000 Filipinos in the UAE and more than 20% of it live and work in Dubai, and a third of it came here on a tourist or visit visa?

Most of the applicants here in Dubai (all nationalities included) are on tourist or visit visa and came here to search for a job. My husband and brother in law, for example, both came here on a tourist visa and are now working here too. I, however, went thru the regular process of applying online, had my interview via skype and had all my papers processed in a POEA accredited agency in the Philippines but,  we’re not gonna talk about my story, instead I’ll give you tips on how to come here in Dubai and what you will need in order to do so.

Apply for a Visa

If you have a relative working here and already has an emirates Id (it’s their national ID Card), then he/she can apply for your visa in any travel agencies here in Dubai. Your relative will also be your guarantor, he/she needs to sign the guarantee form on your behalf and submit all the documents the agency requires such as the ff:

  • Your colored passport copy
  • Guarantor’s passport, visa and emirates id (some agencies only requires passport)
  • Yours and your relative’s birth certificate

Once all the documents are submitted and the forms signed then they will need to pay for your visa to be processed, usually, they will ask for a down payment first and then you will pay the remaining balance once your visa is issued, the fees are as follows:

Short Term/ 30 days visa : 400 – 600 AED or 5,200 – 7,800 PHP

Short Term/ 30 days visa with ticket : 2,000 – 2,500 AED or 26,000 – 32,500 PHP (depends on the ticket price)

Long Term / 90 days visa :  1,100 – 1,800 AED or 14,300 – 23,000 PHP

Long Term / 90 days visa with ticket : 2,500 – 3,000 AED or 32,500 – 39,000 PHP (depends on the ticket price)

** It only takes 2-3 days for your visa to be issued.

If you do not have a relative in Dubai, but has a friend here then you can ask him/her to apply it for you,the agency will only require your friend’s passport and visa and in order for you to avoid being offloaded (Our immigration is strict on this, especially if you’re travelling to Dubai on a tourist or visit visa), some of our Kabayans tend to travel to other tourist destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong and China and then wait for their tourist visa there (The agency will send their e-visa and ticket via email).

Welcome!!! you are now in Dubai, next are the things you also need to think of.



House rent is very expensive here in Dubai, if you’re new here then you can choose from renting a bed space, a partition or a room, the rent varies depending on the location.

  • Bedspace

Lower Deck: 750-1000 AED or 9,750-13,000 PHP monthly

Upper Deck: 700-900 AED or 9,100 -11,700 PHP monthly

  • Partition or Curtition(Your divider are curtains hence the name)

1,400-2,500 AED or 18,200-32,500 PHP monthly (rate depends on how big your space is)

  • Room

2,500 – 4000 AED or 32,500 – 52,000 PHP monthly depending on the location as there are cheaper rents near the boundary of Sharjah.

DEWA (Electric & Water Bill)

It depends on how many tenants you’ll share a flat with. For example, in our flat there’s a total of 10 tenants so our monthly bill will be divided into 10. We are paying around 150 AED per month for Dewa or 1,950 PHP.


Depending on your diet and how much or often you eat, i suggest you prepare at least 600 AED or 7,800 PHP which is around 20 AED or 260 PHP a day.


Metro and Bus Fare Matrix

Since you will be looking for a job, then your NOL Card (Dubai’s Transpo Card) will be your best friend as it can take you wherever you need to go.

You can purchase a Nol Card for 20 AED or 260 PHP and then just reload it after.

Minimum fare is 3 AED or 36 PHP to a maximum of 7.50 AED or 97.50 PHP, to learn more about NOL fares visit www.nol.ae

My husband and brother in law set aside a budget of around 200 AED or 2,600 PHP a month for this.


We already covered the most important things you need to take care of if you plan to come to Dubai on a tourist or visit visa and search for a job here. So, all in all, I would suggest preparing around 5,000 to 7,000 AED or 65,000-90,000 PHP as you’ll never know how long it will take you to find a job.

I would like to share tips, share youtube videos, facebook groups, and online job search engines that helped me and a lot of fellow OFWs to find a job in Dubai on my next blog. So I hope you stay tuned for more blogs from me:)


** For more tips about coming to Dubai on a tourist or visit visa to find a job then please follow me on my fb page located at the sidebar. Happy reading. Thanks 😊


**Special Thanks to my friend Jun&Jen for the visa info

Which type of OFW are you?


OFW aq

There are approximately 10million OFWs around the world or around 10% of our population, which means 1 out of 10 Filipinos are working abroad to provide for their families.

They are called our modern day ofw because of the suffering they have to endure so that their children can go to school, their families can eat well, their debts be paid and so that they can save enough to come back and live well to the country we all love.

There maybe a lot of reasons why they decided to work abroad but one thing is for sure, one of those reasons is because they will earn more abroad than at home even though it means that they will miss their children’s graduation, they’ll skip meals so they can make ends meet, work for a few years away from their families to pay off their debts and work more because their savings can never be enough to live the way they want.

And although we may have the same reasons, there are different types of OFWs or Kabayans you will meet abroad and some of them are:

The Walking Dead


They are our Kabayans who only works- their usual routine is waking up-take a bath-eat(optional)-work-go home-eat(again it’s optional)-take a bath(sometimes they skip this)-sleep-and repeat. Usually, they are the 1st timer, 1st time being an OFW or it’s their 1st time to travel or to go away from home. Sometimes it’s also because of their work schedule and because they are too tired at work that the only thing they want to do is to rest or to sleep.

Annie Batungbakal


As the song goes, (sa umaga dispatsadora, sa gabi sya’y bonggang bongga) they are the ones who works hard and party harder. Some of them are like this because it’s their way of breaking free from homesickness, financial problems and their problems at work. The only problem is sometimes it becomes a habit and because of it, their work suffers. They drink or party too much that they’re absent at work the next day, sadly they even forget the reason why they’re away and working hard in the first place.

Mariah Carey (My All)


Our Kabayans who gives their all for their families in the Philippines, they’ll work overtime or get part-time jobs, so that they can send money to their families. I know some of them who only eats egg and rice, instant noodles or only bread for lunch so that they can save more to send more because they need to pay for their child’s tuition, pay their family’s debt, food for their families and the list goes on.

The Great Spender


Our “one day millionaires”, sadly there’s a lot of OFWs that are like this. They are getting more than what they earn in the Philippines and because of that, they feel that they are entitled to spend their hard earned money on the things they want. For them, it’s spend now save later only to realize that 3 years or 5 years have passed and they are still the same broke Juan/Juana who dreamt of working abroad so that he/she can provide for his/her family and save a lot so that he can come back home with a pocket full of money.

So which OFW are you? Or do you know any those OFWs?